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You take pride in your home, gardens, and landscaping. You’ve probably invested a lot of time, money, and attention in surrounding your home or business with beautiful trees, plants, and features like berms or decorative boulders. You might even have hired a landscape architect or garden designer to help you achieve your vision. Why not maximize that investment by highlighting your landscape features by lighting your property with professional outdoor landscape lighting services?

From simple exterior yard lighting installation that accents trees, bushes, and pathways, to programming your entire yard with many color options, Treasure Valley Lighting & Display has the expertise, experience, and sense of style to provide lighting effects from subtle to stunning. Call (208) 440-1730, send a quick text, or
complete our online form and we’ll get started on a design that meets your needs. It's our goal to provide expertise and guidance to our clients when needed so they can choose the best option for them.

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Fully adjustable outdoor lighting in Boise Idaho
Fully adjustable outdoor lighting in Boise Idaho

Fully Adjustable

When Treasure Valley Lighting & Display completes a permanent outdoor lighting installation, we match what the client needs with the most reliable technology to achieve it. Every property owner, commercial or residential, gets high quality fixtures, and we use top-notch installation methods. Your permanent lighting will last for years because we use reliable products and construction best practices.

But “permanent” doesn’t mean “unchanging.” Modern lighting technology makes your landscape dynamic. As your landscape or lifestyle changes, Treasure Valley Lighting & Display can add to the lighting we’ve already installed, or make changes--big or small--to the placement, angle, or intensity of the fixtures in place.
Modern landscape lighting in Meridian Idaho
Modern landscape lighting in Meridian Idaho

As a newly established landscape grows into a mature lawn and garden, we can assist the transition by making incremental lighting changes over the years.

We trust our products and our installation techniques, and we stand ready not only to “tweak” illumination but also to expand or even change-out your outdoor landscape lighting.
“We can't say enough about Treasure Valley Lighting & Display. Jeremy came out to our house within two days of requesting an estimate for outdoor lighting. We were happy with the estimate. Jeremy went a step further: giving us a chance to see if we liked the set-up. He arranged a temporary ‘mock-up’ so we could judge spacing, etc. It was pretty much perfect, so within a few more days he installed our permanent lighting. We love it! Jeremy also installed outdoor LED lighting on our covered patio. He includes all the wiring and cords.”

We take great pride in our service. All our lights are custom-fitted for the project, our installations look immaculate, and we provide service calls in the unlikely event that repairs are needed. Call (208) 440-1730 for a free consultation.
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